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Do any of these describe you right now?

You fear that if you go off your diet you won’t be able to control your eating. (so you keep dieting and never feel you are the one in control of your health)

Frequently struggling with emotional eating, especially at the end of the day. (whether it's boredom or loneliness you turn to food for comfort)

You experience feelings of defeat or despair that you have tried every diet and nothing works for you. (which keeps you trying diet after diet and feeling worse)

Daily you find yourself stressing about what to eat and how much to eat. (that stress leads to either not eating or the feeling you can't stop eating)

You might even feel very little or no pleasure in moving your body consistently. (leaving you moving less which might be affecting your sleep & mood)

intuitive eating

Can I let you in on a little secret that no diet book, program or coach will ever tell you?


Diets are not sustainable...and the end result is you feeling worse about yourself, regaining the weight you lost and developing a poor relationship with food.

As an Intuitive Eating Counselor, I help women just like you heal their relationship with food & body so that you can not only enjoy all foods again, but live a life with less stress and more confidence.

You might be wondering what that means…

If we’re working together, you can expect to:

→ Have a trained professional by your side who offers proven strategies and tools along with nonjudgemental support

→ Feel clear about the goals you have for redefining your health

→ Experience personalized 1:1 sessions that consider all aspects of your life, work, family, and even vacations!

→ Receive encouragement and support in and out of our scheduled session times 

→ Stop stressing and obsessing about every single thing you eat

→ Leave every session knowing you are the priority

→ Feel like a "normal" eater again and begin too trust your body around food

want to improve your body image?
In just 5 days (Nov 28- Dec 2) you will have a new perspective on your body and have some new strategies and tools to help you keep improving your relationship with yourself and your body.