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Do any of these describe you right now?

You have a negative or unhealthy relationship with food and you are concerned you passed this along to your children. 

You want to be able to talk comfortably and confidently with your children about their health, but you struggle with what to say or how to go about it.

You hate that your kids are growing up in a weight centric and diet focused world and you want to create a home that does not focus on either. 

You want to feel so empowered in your own food choices that you can confidently empower your kids with their own choices.

You know that you would benefit from addressing the thoughts & beliefs you have about food, but you are not sure where to start.

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That's why I created
Mom First Coaching!


With this 16 week course, you will walk through 4 pillars that focus on you as the intuitive eater first and then help you navigate modeling and conversations with your children.


These sessions will leave you with a better understanding of yourself, your relationship with food and your body and help you in every area of life.


And the best part is - you can go at your own pace and you will have access to the pillars and workbook for life!

I use a 4-pillar process for my signature Mom First Coaching to guide you through intuitive eating principles.

Pillar 1: Understanding Where You Are

We'll start right off with diving into the goals you want to set for yourself and clear any clutter that is taking up space in our life. Then we will identify both family food rules and current food rules that may be keeping us stuck before moving onto addressing negative self talk. 

Pillar 2: Practicing the Principles of Intuitive Eating

In this second pillar you will learn about the fundamentals of Intuitive Eating. You will learn strategies for becoming more aware of your own hunger and fullness, along with recognizing the difference between being full and being satisfied. We will also spend time talking about making peace with food and end this pillar with a technique to address stress and emotional eating.

Pillar 3: You As the Priority

This pillar is focused on making and keeping you as a priority in your own life. We will discuss pleasure in movement and look at self care through a unique lens. We will also take time to address your self talk again and setting boundaries with others in your life. This pillar will also include an entire session devoted to sleep. Lastly, I include a session of pause and reflection before moving on.


Pillar 4: Raising Intuitive Eaters

And last, but not least, we will turn our attention to you as mom raising intuitive eaters. This pillar will address having conversations with your spouse, partner or others that have influence over your children. We will acknowledge and begin to work through fears of what others think and even your own fears so that you can have fun at the dinner table. We will also address movement as it relates to your children and close out this pillar with a large review and look to the future. 


  • All video content to be easy to follow and sent directly to your inbox each week. 
  • A workbook that has been specifically created to serve as a guide throughout the course and help you stay organized. 
  • Lifetime access to all video content in the course and any updates to content are free to you
  • Email access to Jennifer throughout the course {this replaces the "office hours" referred to in the course currently and helps you with direct support!}


Product Title: Mom First Course
Description: Mom First Online Course 1x Payment
Price: $1
Product Title: Mom First Online Course
Description: Mom First Online Course 1x Payment

What clients are saying...

“Jen’s program not only got me off the constant diet cycle, but have me a new mindset of how I actually view all food. For almost my entire life, I’ve labeled food “good” or “bad”, “clean” or “junk”, and as a mother of 5, I realized I was unconsciously passing it onto my children. Jennifer’s program flipped the switch with me, giving me both practical advice and diving deeper into the psychology I had around dieting, eating and weight. I had no idea how deep it was ingrained, but this program opened my eyes. Through it, I finally found the freedom to ditch the scale and enjoy having ice cream with my kids on a Friday afternoon, without thinking of how I was going to “earn it” or “work it off” the next day.
There is such freedom in being able to be present as a mom and wife with my kids, enjoy life and fun without counting calories, and flipping the script so my children inherit and observe a different way than I did (aka - slave to the scale). Thank you Jen!! You are amazing!”
-Marriah, Mom First Coaching Client
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Frequently Asked Questions

Was this previously recorded?

Yes! There was an amazing group of moms who went through this course live when it was first offered. 

How will I receive the workbook and files you talk about?

Everything, including the workbook, personal tracker, instructions for booking and videos will be sent directly to the email you provide when you purchase the course.

What if I am not a mom, can I still take the course?

You absolutely can take the course because the first three pillars are all about you.

Will I receive one-on-one coaching from Jennifer in this course?

You have access to Jennifer during the course via email so you can ask questions and receive answers and help at any time!

What is the investment for this 16-week course?

The total investment for the course (which includes the workbook, personal tracker and lifetime access to video content) is  a one time payment of $575 or 4 monthly payments* of $175.

*monthly payment plan is automatically charged

Product Title: Mom First Course
Description: Mom First Online Course 1x Payment
Price: $575
Product Title: Mom First Online Course
Description: Mom First Online Course 1x Payment
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