I am Jennifer D'Amato, an Intuitive Eating Counselor and coach. I host a weekly podcast called Health, Life and More for Women. I specialize in helping women reconnect with her body, make peace with food and redefine her health so she can walk away from diet culture and embrace all life has to offer.


I offer private intuitive eating coaching from an anti-diet approach. I also incorporate the principles of Health at Every Size®  (HAES) into my practice. What this all means is that I will never tell you to restrict foods or deprive yourself of a food you enjoy. Instead, I want to encourage you to see how dieting has taken way more than it has ever given to you and that by reconnecting with your body you can have the life you truly desire. 


On the Podcast, I shed some light on sneaky ways diet culture has infiltrated your thoughts, your family and your well being. I bring guests on that will help you navigate the journey toward making peace with food and body. I also share parts of my own journey from chronic dieting and orthorexia to being and Intuitive Eating Counselor. 


In addition to my work as an Intuitive Eating Counselor and Coach, I am also married to my hubby of over 20 years and mom to four brilliant intuitive eating daughters! When I have down time you can find me laughing at a sitcom episode I have already seen 5 times, hanging with my girls and cooking up something yummy in the kitchen.

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