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Do any of these describe you right now?

You are not sure why you are experiencing things like food guilt, feeling "stuffed" or "always hungry"

After trying several diets, you've ended up frustrated and wasting time and money because you know a diet is not what you need and you'd love to have some help.

But you are not sure that you are ready for the big commitment to your time and energy that coaching needs.

You do want a better understanding of your deeply rooted, as possibly unknown, food rules that have been dictating your health.

You know that you would benefit from a plan to address the thoughts & beliefs you have about food, but you are not sure where to start.

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That's why I created
The Deep Dive Package!


With this 3 session Deep Dive, you can gain a clear understanding of the "food rules" that have been dictating your food choices, body movement and thoughts about the food you do/do not eat. 


These sessions will leave you with a plan of action for your health moving forward. 


And the best part is - this deep dive can be done in three sessions and it's affordable!

I use a series of specific questions for the The Deep Dive to quickly assess what food rules have been helping & which have been hurting.

Session 1: Family Food Rules

We'll start right off with diving into family food rules. During this session I will walk you through your childhood eating experiences. Together we will identify the rule or rules that have impacted you the most as an adult and then set a plan to reframe, rework and/or resolve that rule. You will receive detailed notes from the sessions including your responses and the plan you set. 

Session 2: Current Belief Systems & Rules

In this second session we will check in on what came up for you from the Family Food Rules session and based on that will set a plan moving forward. Then we will take a deep dive into the current food rules that are seen and unseen in your day to day choices and thoughts. Once we have finished, we will establish a plan for reframing, reworking and/or resolving the rule or rules that feel safe to address. You will receive detailed notes from the sessions including your responses and the plan you set. 

Session 3: Check In  and Set Up Plan

This final session will serve as a check in on both the previous session work and as an opportunity to help you assess your next steps for your health, both mental & physical. 

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want to improve your body image?
In just 5 days (Nov 28- Dec 2) you will have a new perspective on your body and have some new strategies and tools to help you keep improving your relationship with yourself and your body.