Don’t miss this episode. This episode explains the exciting reason why the podcast is taking a break from new episodes in July and what I am sharing with you in its place. Don’t worry though, we can stay connected all summer long! 

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Hey ladies, welcome to episode 92 of the health life and more for women podcast. This one’s a little bit different so let me explain. So the old me would have been really, really stressing for weeks and weeks leading up to the next handful of episodes because I’m going to be traveling. And I was really stressing how am I going to get all of these podcast episodes set up and released and just show up for these amazing women over the month of July. And I would’ve ended up a complete wreck. Well, good for me and for you that did not happen. I am going away in July kind of this in and out, just not enough time to devote, to brand new episodes.

So I made a couple of decisions for the podcast. First of all, I won’t be having any guests on until probably September. I do a lot of behind the scenes work to bring you the guests that I believe will be the best of the best to share either their story or the work that they do. And so I will not be able to really devote time to that again until August.

Now, don’t worry. I have a list of guests that I would love to bring on the podcast. So, just hold on tight till September. For now you just get me. I know, not too bad. The other decision I made was how to handle July. Well, back in October of 2020, I did a four week series all about marriage and I thought, why not do some rewind episodes?

Those episodes were so good. And the feedback I received from them was absolutely confirming. It was needed, appreciated, and gave a lot of food for thought. Now, if you listen to last week’s episode, episode 91, I just shared with you that I’m celebrating 20 years of marriage 20 years. And I kinda know a couple of things about marriage that I think are really useful and practical. I mean, who doesn’t love useful and practical. I am going to be doing four rewind episodes of the marriage series for the month of July. The podcast will be officially returning with a brand new episode Tuesday, August 10th. I know you might want to get your phone out. Set that reminder right now to say, Jen, we’ll be back August 10th with a brand new episode.

I’m really excited about that. Now I just need to note, this is huge for me. If you have listened to both of my episodes with my Enneagram coach, Hillary McCaskey, you know, I’m a type three, you know, that taking a break, not working, not producing, not putting this podcast out really is a sign of growth for a type three.

I did do the work on my thoughts about that. And that also is a great reminder that we’re always growing and learning. We are, there is no stopping. There is no. Oh, I arrived. I’m here. I’ve got it all figured out. I believe that when we accept that there’s always room for growth. That we’re ever changing and evolving and moving forward, it’s a better place to be.

I feel more at peace, even in the midst of not working. I know that sounds so contradictory, but if you’re a type three out there, you know what I’m talking about. Okay, one last note. If you do listen to the rewind episodes, you will hear an invitation to hop on a consult with me. I absolutely still want you to do that.

However, you’ll notice that there’s no appointments available until the end of July and the beginning of August. Yeah. I mean, I’m really doing it. I’m really going to take the break and just be present for all that’s happening in the month of July. Now you might want to follow along. You might want to be like, well, where are you going, Jen?

What are you doing? I would love you to see it all. So if you follow me on Instagram, Jennifer_healthcoach4life, you are going to see it. I know I’ll be sharing lots on there. There’s weddings. Ladies, there’s weddings. I love love. So it’s going to be wonderful. There’s going to be family and I’m even taking my daughters to see where I grew up.

I mean, the nostalgia is going to be at an all time high. So if you want to follow along, I would love to have you on there. You can also catch them little bits and pieces on the podcast instagram. That’s just simple healthlifeandmoreforwomen. Super easy to find. Come hang out and stay in touch while I’m away.

All right, I can’t wait to rewind these marriage series episodes with you. They are so good. I would love to hear your favorite. So be sure to leave a comment below if you’re listening on iTunes, just scroll down, hit that star review type in some thoughts and feedback. I would love to hear it. I appreciate and read each and every one of them.

All right. Here’s to a great summer. Here’s to living our best life and here’s to returning again, August 10th for a brand new podcast episode. All right, ladies. See you on Instagram.

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