Intuitive eating counselor

have you had that moment....

when you have tried that last diet, feel defeated, and you tell yourself that you are done with dieting because it never works for you or really changes how you feel about yourself.

You might feel lost or confused without dieting because it is all you have known for most, if not all, of your adult life. 

it's time to Redefine Your Health

I help women put their health back in their own hands!

Using the principles of Intuitive Eating I help you:

  • work through the "why" of emotional eating
  • reduce stress when you go out to eat
  • understand your overeating/under eating
  • uncover what is beneath feeling out of control with food
  • find movement for your body that you actually enjoy

Finally experience a life full of confidence, foods you enjoy and always doing what's best for your body! 


sick of dieting?
the scale doing mental harm?
not feeling good about food choices?


Dieting can feel like a roller coaster ride that never ends. Your weight going up and down and you never quite feel grounded in yourself - and it can start to make you feel a little sick.

Like you just want to get off the ride....

square headshot

But when you understand & use the principles of intuitive eating all this changes.

when you finally walk away from the dieting and restricting your foods, you are now able to do the thing you need to do...

Redefine Your Health

It's not just about finally getting off the diet roller coaster, because you can do that for a period of time before feeling the pressures to start one again.


You want to feel more confident in your every day thoughts - about food and your body - so that you can have peace, more joy and frankly...

...feel your freakin' best everyday.

health coach

I can show you how to finally make peace with your body + food through the use of the ten principles of intuitive eating, simple strategies and unmatched support.

I'm Jennifer D'Amato, and I'll be the Monica to your Rachel...

(or the Ann to your Leslie...the Laverne to your Shirley...the Meredith to your Cristina...)


Think of me as your cheerleading counselor who would totally binge watch How I Met Your Mother with you and who happens to also get excited about women feeling confident. 

Bring me all your concerns and frustrations about dieting and every question on how intuitive eating can help you find more peace. 

I help women understand and implement the strategies, tools and resources of intuitive eating, to be able to find greater peace with her body and in her food choices. 


When I started learning about Intuitive Eating, it felt like I was being introduced to a whole new language and way to see the world.


You know that phrase, "Once you see something, you can't unsee it?" That's what happens when you are introduced to intuitive eating. You can no longer see dieting or your food choices the same. However, it can lead to common questions like:

  • How do I deal with my emotional eating?
  • What if I can't stop eating now that 'all foods' are available?
  • What if I want to be an intuitive eater but I also want to lose weight?


So I work with women just like you to provide a safe space to work through all your thoughts and beliefs about food and your body - and help you stop giving your time, energy and mental health to the diet roller coaster. 

there's a whole other way to live...

...and you don't have to try to figure it all out on your own.


You can feel fully supported, encouraged...I mean even cheered for...throughout your journey to Redefining Your Health. 

laugh square

but unless you've addressed the root of what has kept you dieting, you will stay stuck.


And this is what Redefine Your Health is all about:


That moment of connection that happens when you discover that everything you need is already within you, it just needing uncovering. 


And if you can not just get to the root of what has kept you dieting, but feel free and confident in your food choices, body & movement? You will be unstoppable.

how can I partner with you?

online course

For those moms who want to first dive deeper into their food and body story, heal their relationship with food using intuitive eating and then make shifts and changes in their home to raise intuitive eaters. 

apply for coaching

For those women who are ready to take their health back in their own hands, get off the diet rollercoaster & redefine your health. After applying you can book a consult with Jennifer at a time + date you choose. 

diet tools quiz

For those women who might not be following a specific diet plan but you suspect diet thoughts and behaviors are still lingering. This is helpful especially if you have spent years dieting and you want to finally break up with dieting.

you can also find jennifer...


want to improve your body image?
In just 5 days (Nov 28- Dec 2) you will have a new perspective on your body and have some new strategies and tools to help you keep improving your relationship with yourself and your body.